D&D 101 for Teachers and Educators – July 30th, 2018

Do you have students that want to play Dungeons and Dragons?

Are you interested in learning how D&D can be useful in the classroom?

Come and learn about how to play, and run, a D&D table from Game Masters (GMs) from the local community that have experience teaching D&D to their students!


Dungeons & Dragons is a game filled with creative problem solving and working together as a group. Skills that all students can benefit from.

On Monday, July 30th at The Rust Belt Market, our experienced GMs will teach you everything you need to know.

We will start with learning how to create a character. This step is filled with creativity and there are many resources to speed up this step online. Next we will have you run through a quick adventure as a table to get a feel for what the play is like. After you go through a play through we will have a GM help you run an attack for the table. This will be followed by a Q+A session with all GMs.

It’s only $1 to reserve a seat and spots are limited! You can reserve a spot at our retail location or on our D&D page.

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