TLD Con: What are Events?

TLD Con is our 2 day gaming con this fall, but if you’re reading this there’s a 99% chance you already know about it. (But if you don’t, check out our Facebook event here for the complete description and concept).


What are the events and how are the different from your past gaming events?

The Events…

The events that will be run at TLD Con are all self run, meaning that anyone can run any kind of gaming event they want to as long as it has to do with gaming/nerd culture.

What does this actually mean though?

It means that if you want to reserve table space at 2pm on Saturday to play Game of Thrones, schedule an event! If you want to paint miniatures with other mini painters sometime on Sunday, schedule an event! If you want to run a Dominion tournament, schedule an event! Do you have a new D&D adventure you want to run? Schedule an event! Want a dedicated space to stream for your Twitch? Schedule it!

The possibilities are endless with events and we are excited to see what you all come up with. A lot of events have been submitted and there are some exciting this that are going to happen! If you’re unsure of something that you want to run, submit it and we can help answer any questions that you may have.

Now, how are these events different from the events we have done in the past? 

The biggest difference is that these events will be run by you, the gamers! In years past we have attempted organized game play and while it was fun for some people, they never really filled up. And we think that’s because it wasn’t something you wanted to play. So this time we’re leaving it up to you to decided what gets played, because you know better than anyone what you and your friends want to play.

How to submit an event and what happens after you submit it. 

To submit an event head on over to our con page here and answer all the questions. You will need to create an account if you haven’t yet. These are basic like what do you want to run, how much space do you need, how many people does it seat, and how much time will it take?

The next thing that happens is that we get an email about it. If there’s any problems, or we need more information, we will contact you and finalize everything.

Once we get everything scheduled to a time you’ll be notified about that. That will be about 2 weeks after event registration ends (August 10th).

We are planning on launching event sign-up for badge holders in September. Those that have a Premier and Patron badge will get access 24 hours before those with a Standard badge. Anyone with a badge can signup for events until spots are filled up.

At check in the day of the event you will be given a ticket for each event that you are signed up for. If there are open spots available for events you can signup the day of.

And that’s it!

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