Top Light Strategy Intro Game Mechanics

When I was introduced to modern board games, aka not Monopoly, one of the main things I was overwhelmed by was the variety of games that were out there. And honestly, it stills shocks me. New games are constantly coming out, old games are being reprinted and gaining attention, and I played Concordia once and Read more about Top Light Strategy Intro Game Mechanics[…]

Queendomino Review – Kingdomino vs Queendomino

Some people are calling it Kingdomino 2.0 and some are calling it an expansion to Kingdomino. Let’s break down what it’s all about and our thoughts. What’s it all about? The base mechanics of this game are from the game Kingdomino. If you’re unfamiliar, read our review of it here. So Queendomino adds a new Read more about Queendomino Review – Kingdomino vs Queendomino[…]

Kingdomino Review – Spiel des Jahres 2017 Winner

Kingdomino won the Spiel des Jahres (game of the year) for 2017 and we are going to break down our thoughts. What’s it all about? Kingdomino is a tile laying game where players are building their own kingdom, domino-style. Each player takes their player marker and selects which tile they want out of the 4 Read more about Kingdomino Review – Spiel des Jahres 2017 Winner[…]

Humanity MUST Survive Megagame!

Humanity MUST Survive! “A Geopolitical “Game of Nations”… A multi-team Survival MegaGame, using the “COMET” Megagame Engine. ABOUT “Humanity MUST Survive!” is the latest offering in the recent Megagame craze.  This craze started in the U.K. but has been rapidly spreading across the U.S.   A Megagame has been recently defined as a “A 20+ Read more about Humanity MUST Survive Megagame![…]

Terraforming Mars: Kyle’s Thoughts

    For years, I was sure that the process of terraforming mars would involve the implementation of some futuristic technology constructed by an alien race – like that thing Arnold Schwarzenegger activated at the end of Total Recall. Game designer Jacob Fryxelius (pronounced: jay-cub) has made me doubt that theory with his game Terraforming Read more about Terraforming Mars: Kyle’s Thoughts[…]

What’s On Our Demo Table? (August 4th, 2017)

We try and keep, at least, three games open on our demo table for our customers look at and demo. Check out what we have out this weekend!   Terraforming Mars Designer: Jacob Fryxelius Players: 1-5 Playing Time: 90-120 min     “In the 2400s, mankind begins to terraform the planet Mars. Giant corporations, sponsored Read more about What’s On Our Demo Table? (August 4th, 2017)[…]

FAQ: “Do you run any RPGs at game nights?”

Over the years I’ve gotten at least a couple dozen inquiries regarding Role-Playing Games at The Loaded Die game nights, and the answer isn’t as simple as people hope. TLD and our TLD Game Nights focus on building and fostering a gigantic community centered around board gaming.  Tabletop RPGs are obviously a close cousin of board Read more about FAQ: “Do you run any RPGs at game nights?”[…]