Great Family Games!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner I’ve been narrowing down what games are perfect for a Family Game Night!

These games all:

  • have a minimum age of 7
  • will be fun for parents + kids
  • have a high replay ability
  • have a low learning curve

Ticket to Ride


Playing Time: 15-20 minutes/player

Player Count: 2-5

If you are looking for a light strategy game that you can play as a family Ticket to Ride the first one I recommend. The rules + game play can be explained, and understood, in 10 minutes and the strategy can be figured out by the end of your second turn. You collect points by completing routes. How do you complete routes? Collect the amount of colors you need for each section by simply grabbing 2 at a time. Once you have enough colors for that section you play your cards and place your trains. If someone takes that section before you get there you have to go around.

And that’s it. Simple to learn and easy to figure it out.


Flip ‘Em Up



Playing Time: 45 min max

Player Count: 2-10 (2 teams)

Flick ‘Em Up is exactly what it looks like: a cowboy western game where you are flicking people around. It’s extremely fun and easy to learn! There are different scenarios in the box to add variety each time you pull it out. The components, and the box, are all wood and very high quality. This is the game that will have people up and moving and laughing every time.





Playing Time: 45 min max

Player Count: 2-10 (2 teams)

Dixit is as easy to learn as Apples to Apples, but better in every way. Pick a card for your hand and give a not-too-specific and not-too-vague clue about it. Maybe I say “once upon a time” for a fairy tale looking card. Everyone picks a card from their hand that has something to do with “once upon a time” and they are all shuffled up and laid out. Then you have to pick which one was mine.  It’s slightly competitive, but mostly clever and creative. This is a game that grandparents can play with their grandkids…literally all ages.





Playing Time: 20-30 min

Player Count: 2-4

This game is a simple, light-strategy, gem collecting game! Collect gems (poker chips) and trade them in for cards with victory points on them. The first person to 15 points wins. Quick, easy, and fun to play.





Playing Time: however long you want

Player Count: min of 2, max of a million

“Charades the board game”. You use the icons on the board to get your family and friends to guess stuff, but you can only say yes or no. This game is great because it’s very creative and played mostly for fun. There is a way to score, but even the creators agree it’s just not as fun. A must for any family game night.


What do you think? Did I miss anything?

Come visit me at The Loaded Die this weekend to give these a try!




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