What’s in a Name?

The Loaded Die started in 2014, and just like your trivia team, improv troupe, and that band you started 3 days after acquiring your first musical instrument - the search for a name was tormenting. It had to be snappy but still related to the product. It had to say everything about what we do, but not be a mouthful.

What do we sell? “Easy. Board games. No duh.” Well, no actually. It was common knowledge in 2014 that board game sales alone would not support a retail operation, so we had to sell something different. We sell “game night”. EVERYONE loves game night, but not everyone loves trivial pursuit 90s edition, Cranium but the clay has dried out so you have to skip those challenges, or the fattest, blackest edition of the same game you played 287 times in 2011. So we set out to have demos available for people to see and play games, and buy something that would help them revive game night, and a place to come back to to get recomendations for games to keep game night fresh.

If people just wanted a new game they could always head over to that section of Target or even Meijer. Or you could take the shotgun approach on Amazon - buy 3 games and hope one of them is a hit with your family or friends group. Even if you read reviews online before buying games are so subjective you still might end up with a lemon for your group. Bottom line, without being able to see the components and play a few turns yourself, buying games for your game night is a roll of the dice.

A loaded die is one that has been “loaded” with weight on one side in order to increase the odds of another side showing up. Shopping at The Loaded Die increases the odds that you’ll get a game that is a hit with your family or friend group. Hence, the name.

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