Gift Giving 101: 3 under $30

Games make great gifts, but with the variety of games out there it makes it very hard to choose the right game! Check out these three options that make great gifts for under $30!

Also, we will be giving out these games for free on Small Business Saturday! (While supplies last)



Patchwork is a game that we cannot recommend enough! It’s a super easy to learn spacial strategy game (think Tetris) that plays 2 players. It’s got a short play time which makes it a great option for new parents or a date night option. Read our full post here.


Chances are you have played this game. And if you haven’t, someone you know has. This Game of the Year winning title is a simple word association game that can be played with any ages and any amount of people. This makes the perfect gift for someone that wants a great family game or party game. If they already have the regular Codenames, in the red box, check out the variations! You can mix different versions together for a whole new spin on this new classic.

Versions include:

  • Codenames (words)
  • Codenames: Pictures
  • Codenames: Disney
  • Codenames: Marvel
  • Codenames: Harry Potter

One Night Werewolf

You may be familiar with the large group game Werewolf or Mafia, and this game is what I consider to be the better version. One Night is a social deduction game that plays 3-10 players in 7 minutes. That sentence alone is a huge selling point to this game. This is a great game for small get togethers and larger parties since it’s such a short game that can seat a vast number of players. If you know of people that like bluffing games, this is one of the best ones.

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