May 11, 2018

Code of Conduct

TLD Code of Conduct

We at The Loaded Die have created a space where all people are welcome to play games in a safe environment. Please report any offensive/inappropriate behavior to the Game Guru on duty. Anyone caught going against these rules will get one warning before being banned from all TLD events.


  • We are a family friendly environment! This means no profanity or offensive language.
  • All people are welcome at our events! We will not allow any hate speech, or comments that are offensive to a person’s sexual preference, gender, race, religion, or political stance.
  • No selling, soliciting or promoting other businesses without permission. Trading is completely fine, and we can help in evaluating the value of items in your trade, but sales are forbidden for obvious reasons. We host quarterly silent auctions if you are interested in selling your used games at our events.
  • Respect the space! Be sure to leave your table clean and tidy. Throw all tickets and garbage away, and bring your empty glassware back up to the bar (if applicable). Return any games to our shelf in an organized manner. If any pieces are missing, be sure to let the Game Guru on duty know.
  • All levels of gamer are welcome at our events! It is forbidden to make fun of anyone based on the level of knowledge they have on board games or the hobby itself.
  • We are all here to have fun! It doesn’t matter if you win or lose! We are all here to have fun and bond over our love of board games!