October 27, 2022

Membership Program

TLD Membership

Wholesale Pricing | Board Game Library Access | Discounted Event Tickets

Metro Detroit Area gamers should consider becoming a TLD member to take advantage of the amazing benefits.

Benefits of TLD Membership

  • Wholesale pricing on advanced orders of almost any Tabletop product. The Loaded Die has access to the full line of Board Games, RPGs, CCGs, Miniatures, dice, sleeves, and more. Members enjoy premier wholesale pricing on all of these products if they order and pay in advance. Simply consult with a TLD representative to check prices, place an order, and pay. Pick up your order within a week. Your price is our price plus a nominal fee & handling charge.
  • Unlimited access to our board game library. Members can borrow games from the TLD board game library overnight at no cost or weekly with no deposit required.
  • Free/discounted event access. The Loaded Die hosts at least one all-day gaming event every year for which you will be granted free (or drastically discounted) access. Badges normally cost $10-$20.

All titles published by Asmodee, CMON, and Mayfair are under a strict minimum advertised pricing policy and cannot be sold for less than 20% off MSRP. “Wholesale Pricing” for the above companies will the the minimum price allowed.


Sign - up today at our retail location inside The Rust Belt Market.

Individual Membership = $59 per year

Household Membership = $79 per year

(Two people + 2 kids all with the same address)