May 23, 2022

Game Rentals

Try before you buy with our rental library!

At our retail location inside The Rust Belt Market, you will find a giant selection of open board and card games with demo stickers. All of these games are available for you to take home and try out.

How much does it cost?

Each game requires a deposit. The deposit is the price of the game at the retail price. That deposit is refunded as store credit when it has been returned. An additional non-refundable weekly fee of $5 or $7 is also due at checkout. 

How long are rentals?

Each rental is for a minimum of 1 week and it cost $5 or $7 per week. If you keep it for more than 1 week we will take an additional $5 or $7 out of the deposit upon return. 

What happens to the deposit when I bring back the rental?

The deposit is turned into store credit. With that store credit you can purchase any game, or use it towards the deposit of another rental. 

What can I rent?

Any demo at The Loaded Die’s home library is available for rent. You can find a complete list, with deposits, below. 

What if I want to keep the game?

If you love the game, and want a copy for yourself, please bring back our used demo and order a copy for yourself at our retail location (that’s what the store credit is for!). 

What happens if I don’t return the game?

You can keep the rental for as long as you like, but keep in mind that it’s $5 or $7 per week you keep it. We will stay in contact with you with automatic rental reminders via email. If any rental is overdue by 4 weeks, and you have not responded to any of our emails, we will assume you are keeping the game and will replace it in our library.

I got home and something is wrong with my rental!

First off, we are very sorry! This has only happened a few times, but we have tons of replacement pieces at our retail location. Please bring the rental back and we will give you the appropriate pieces to make it playable. We will also extend your rental at no charge to you.