April 23, 2022

Portal FAQ

If you questions isn’t answered here feel free to email us at info@theloadeddie.com.


Why does the portal look different?

Having two websites has been a bit confusing so we have decided to fully integrate the Member Portal with our website. Everything should be in the same place as the old portal. The only thing that is different is the page menus. Everything is accessible from the Member Portal drop-down on our website.


Orders FAQ

My order status changed. What does that mean?

We have a very organized order status system here.

  • Requested: Your order has been submitted. We will get to it within 24 hours.
  • Processing: We are working on your order. There is something we are trying to figure out and you will be updated when we solved it.
  • Waiting on Confirmation: We have updated the price (member price, if applicable), stock and availability. It will not be ordered until you confirm it (see below on How to Confirm).
  • Confirmed: You have confirmed your order and we haven’t ordered it yet. Once we are ready to order it you will receive an email notification.
  • Payment Due: Orders must be paid through us before we order them from our distributors (that’s how we give such good deals!). It will automatically be updated to Payment Processed after you have paid it (see below for How to Pay).
  • Invoice Sent: If you ever are using split payment (i.e. store credit doesn’t cover your whole order) we will send you a PayPal invoice for the remaining due. We will manually update to Payment Processed after the invoice has been paid.
  • Payment Processed: Your payment has been processed and we will get this added to our order ASAP.
  • Ordered: We have added this to our order and we are waiting for it to ship.
  • Shipped: Our distributor has shipped this order.
  • Arrived: Your order has arrived! Yay! You can come and pick it up anytime during our retail hours.
  • Back Ordered: This isn’t in stock and we have placed it on back order. As soon as our distributor receives their next shipment of this game they fulfill all back orders placed first. This is the quickest way to get your hands on a game that is currently unavailable. We do not receive any information about back orders until they have been fulfilled. Payment will be due upon fulfillment.
  • Pre-Ordered: This order has been pre-ordered for you. Payment will be due upon fulfillment.
  • Watch List: We don’t know what’s going on with this game so we will keep our eye on it and update as necessary.
  • Cancelled: For some reason we had to cancel this order. A description should be attached to this order of why.


Why hasn’t my game be ordered yet?

Did you check the order status? It won’t be ordered if it hasn’t been confirmed/paid for.

We only place orders when we have enough to fulfill the minimum with said distributor. We try and order every other week, if not every week, but sometimes it doesn’t work out like that. This is why we have created our Member Portal so you always know where your order is. Thank you for your patience.


How do I confirm my order?

Head over to your orders and click on Waiting on Confirmation. There will be a Confirm link below each order that needs confirming. Proceed to confirm your order. That’s it! 


How do I pay?

There are a couple of different ways to pay for your orders.

  1. In Store: Come in and pay at our retail location during store hours. Keep in mind that we won’t order it until it has been paid for.
  2. Member Portal: Head over the Orders page of the Member Portal. Click on Payment Due. Click on the Pay Now link on said order. You will be directed to PayPal to complete the transaction. You don’t have to sign-in to PayPal to pay through the Member Portal.