January 9, 2022

Silent Auction

Join us on Monday, May 21st for a board game silent auction! All games will be placed by 6 pm and bid sheets will be pulled at 9 pm.

You can view a complete list of all games currently registered below. *Please note this is a cash only event.*

If you are interested in selling, register your games here and read complete rules below.

Seller rules:

  • You can submit a max of 10 lots.
  • You will be charged $1/lot if you pay through PayPal and $1/lot if you pay with cash.
  • You will receive 70% of the final sale in cash or 100% in store credit. You cannot use your winnings to purchase other lots in the silent auction.
  • You have the option of bringing your games the day of or dropping them off the day before. Any games brought the day before will be set up for you the day of. Any games brought the day of will be your responsibility to put on a table.
  • You must check-in at TLD the day of.
  • Each seller must fill out the form above for each lot you plan on selling.