May 6, 2022


TLD Con 2018

TLD’s first two day gaming event!


Saturday October 13th

10 am - 12 am

Sunday October 14th

8 am - 8 pm

Brew Detroit Event Space | Trumbull & Porter Hotel

Corktown, Detroit, MI



For those of you just now tuning in, Gaming Conventions like TLD CON are opportunities for gamers from all over to get together and celebrate what we all love - Tabletop gaming. You do not need to be a lifelong or die hard fan of the hobby to enjoy the amenities of a convention. If you’ve been to any of our past events, you’re already familiar with a large part of what conventions are all about - playing games and having fun.

TLD CON will maintain all of the open/guru gaming, but will add more tournaments, scheduled events, new role playing games and interactive activities, painting, crafts, and more. Big conventions (which we hope to one day grow up to be!) offer vendors both local and from across the country with wares like cosplay accessories, dice, nerd merch, and of course - games. At scale we’ll be adding all of these features, and also be able to plan even more large scale events involving dozens of player all at the same time. With enough participation, we can bring that atmosphere to Detroit perhaps as early as this October!


Types of Badges:

All badges get you entry into the con, all events, and a con game bag.

Standard badges come with the basics above.

Premier badges come with the basics above and the following:

  • event registration available 24 hours before Standard badge holders
  • free snacks and soda in Premier Lounge on both days
  • more to be added

Patron badges come with everything listed above and:

  • brunch with the owners on either Saturday or Sunday of the event
  • upgraded Con Bag
  • early sign-up for Cons and events in 2019
  • more to be added


Badge Prices:

*Members will receive a free upgrade to Premier after purchasing any Standard badge*


Standard - $29

Premier - $49

Patron - $199

One Day (Standard only) - $25

(All prices increase by $10 on July 1st, and by $20 on October 1st)

Hotel Rooms

Rooms are available to rent at the Trumbull & Porter Hotel, located one block away from the Con, for $150. Mention TLD Con to get the reserved price. Rooms are available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. The cut-off for reservations is September 18th.


  • Open Library of Board Games
  • Board Game - Learn to Plays
  • Casual Board & Group Gaming Events
  • Board Game Tournaments
  • Marketplace/Silent Auction
  • D&D - Learn to Play
  • D&D 5e Adventures League - ALL DAY BOTH DAYS
  • D&D Home Brews and One Shots.
  • Pathfinder
  • Miniatures Events
  • CCG events
  • MORE


We will be needing people to run events and help at the con.

Running Events

You can run a tournament, learn-to-play session, open play, learn to paint minis, or really any game event at your table. Event submission is available after your ticket has been purchased. We will need to know how many tables you will need, seats available, and a description of what you will be running. Please reach out to us if you need help acquiring anything for your event (tournament kits, games, etc.) We will be listing a sign-up for your event and seats cannot be saved.

General Volunteers

If you want to volunteer and don’t feel comfortable teaching anything, there are still spots available to volunteer! Check out the Volunteer Opportunities page in the portal to see what’s available.

Volunteer Compensation:

Non-Members receive a free upgrade to a Premier badge.

Members receive $15 in store credit per shift (max of 2).

Open Library of Board Games

Our entire TLD demo library will be available to play.

Board Game Tournaments

coming soon

Marketplace/Silent Auction

coming soon


Food and meals will be available to purchase ahead of time, or the day of. More details coming soon.