November 3, 2022

TLD Games Day 2019

Saturday, April 6th, 2019

11am - 12am

Pre-Party Friday, April 5th, 2019

6pm - 12am

Brew Detroit

1401 Abbott St, Detroit, MI 48216

Pre-Register Here

It’s time to celebrate our love of gaming at our 5th annual TLD Games Day event on Saturday, April 6th! Give this page a quick read for complete details on everything going on. If you are new to our events you can expect:

  • open gaming
  • our entire board game library
  • hourly raffles
  • intro Dungeons and Dragons tables
  • a friendly, welcoming, and inclusive atmosphere

There are a few new items we will be adding:

  • scheduled events
  • consignment area
  • playtesting area


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Entry into the event does require a badge and events require an event ticket. Preregistration will open January 1st 2019 and will close at 11:59 pm March 31st. Those that pre-register can pick up their badges during our Pre-Party or from the Pre-Registration line at check-in the day of. Badges can be purchased the day of at the door. Complete badge information and prices are listed below.


Let’s get the party started the night before! Causal open gaming will be available while we install the library and set-up tables. Pick-up available for pre-registered badge holders and drop-off available for the consignment store. The consignment store will not be open during the pre-party.

Badge Info.

  • Member Badges: For all of those a part of TLD’s membership program. 1 with Individual and 2 with household. - $0
  • General Admission: January 1st - March 21st 2019 – $15
  • Door Admission: Badges the day of can be purchased at the door - $25
  • Volunteers/GMs: Complete volunteer information can be found below - $0
  • Children: 12 & under free.
  • Designers: For any designer with games in production or for sale. Please contact us for a badge prior to March 21st. Only those with a designer badge can have games set up in our playtesting area - $0

Premier Package Add-On

This add-on includes snacks, chargers, and chill space in the Premier Lounge and a TLD Games Day tote bag. Available thru March 21st 2019. You can find this add-on under the Events for $10. Members that volunteer get this add-on for free.

Important Dates

November 19th: Event submission opens.

December 29th: Events scheduled.

January 1st: Event registration opens.

March 21st: Last day for preregistration, refunds, and event submission.

April 5th: TLD Games Day pre-party!

April 6th: TLD Games Day!


The last day for a full refund is March 21st. Please email us at for help.


Our events thrive based on our volunteers! All volunteers receive a free badge for the day. Members that volunteer get the Premier Package Add-On for free. Complete details and sign-up can be found here.


The infamous TLD raffles will be back for this games day! From 1pm - 11pm we will have hourly raffles totaling over $1,000 retail. Raffle items will be announced the week prior to the event. Every badge comes with 5 raffle tickets and members will get double. Additional raffle tickets can be purchased the day of. Raffle tickets acquired from our weekly game events are able to be entered so feel free to save up! Members will receive double raffle tickets at all events from January - April 5th. If you are a designer or publisher and want your game to be raffled off, please email us at

Open Play

The majority of our game day events are based around open play. This day is all about celebrating our love of gaming by dedicating time to playing games that we might not have the opportunity to play that often, or to learn new stuff! Our entire library collection will be available to check out, one game at a time with a valid ID, during the entire event.

Scheduled Events

We will be allowing attendees to host their own gaming events this year! Spots will be limited to a certain amount of tables per hour to save space for open gaming. Those running events will get a free badge for the day. Event submission opens on November 19th and will close on March 31st, or earlier if spots fill up. All events will be scheduled on December 29th and any additional events submitted after this will be added. Please note there is a dedicated space for playtesting available - more info below. All game play events are free. If you’re interested in running a craft based event (or something that requires materials), there is a possibility of adding a cost to event tickets.

Consignment Area

TLD Games Day 2019 will feature TLD’s very first consignment store!

The consignment store is a space for people to sell their used or unwanted games! All badge holders can peruse from 1pm - 8pm. Both cash and credit will be accepted. A fee will be added to all card payments. There will be no negotiating prices in the consignment store. All items are priced by the seller and we are not at liberty to change that price. Complete details and sign-up can be found here.

Playtesting Area

We welcome local designers to join us at TLD Games Day to show off your games! Designer badges are free and allow you to set up in our playtesting area. We do not allow any vending at this event. Designers/publishers, please contact us for more information at


Pre-Register Here